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UK: Watch ‘Yes’ supporters take over Edinburgh streets

Video ID: 20140919-014

¤M/S ‘Yes’ supporters
¤W/S ‘Yes’ supporters with Scottish flag
¤W/S ‘Yes’ supporters
¤M/S ‘Yes’ supporters with Mehr Lesen

USA: Rand Paul says Obama’s plan to fight IS “unconstitutional”

Video ID: 20140919-011

¤W/S Audience [cutaway]
¤SOT, Rand Paul, US Senator from Kentucky (English): “So we’ve just finished celebrating Mehr Lesen

USA: WHO Director-General hails UN plan to fight Ebola

Video ID: 20140918-066

¤W/S WHO Director-General Margaret Chan
¤SOT, Dr. Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General (English): “And so this gives Mehr Lesen

UK: Electoral fraud in Scottish independence referendum?

Video ID: 20140919-009

¤M/S Police patrolling in Glasgow City Council
¤M/S Police patrolling in Glasgow City Council
¤M/S Police Mehr Lesen