Chinesische Click-Farm

Posted on : 19. Juli 2017
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Russe besucht eine sogenannte chinesische Click-Farm

Woher stammen alle die Clicks? Dieser Frage geht ein Russe in China nach. Dort gibt es regelrechte Click-Farms.


💲💲 Help Raw Leak finance his website : On the app store 500+ games get released EVERY DAY or about 190,000 games are released each year. To give you some context, over the past 38 years of console gaming, only 13k games were ever released, that’s if you include every game created for every console system since Atari. I made an info graphic about it, its dated now because time, but its still relevant in terms of explaining just how many games there are now. So, prior to iOS and smartphones, there were 13K games created over 40 years. After iOS and Android became a thing 14,000+ games get released each month. What makes things worse is the only place to download these games is the play or app stores which are rigged to show games which are „popular“ and „highly rated“. Google and Apple want you to purchase ads (from them) to promote your game in other games or web sites, so they make discoverability in the app stores purposely shitty so that only these popular and highly rated (highly advertised) apps and games see the top of the charts. These charts are the only place users will look for new games, if your game isn’t in the top 100 list it will receive few downloads, as in 10’s of downloads, why, because your game is competing against 500 other games released that day. So in comes the click farms, to exploit this system, they simply fill a need. Small developers cannot afford large advertising campaigns and the conversion rates are horrific. For less money you get a leg up on the competition, your game suddenly becomes highly rated, and popular, because there will be a surge of downloads and high ratings. But – the goal of these click farms is not to make your game show up in the #1 slot, that’s impossible with this method. The goal is simply to get your game in to the top 100 list, even if you get to slot #99 your game now has a fighting chance of actually winning, the actual winning happens if your game is GOOD. These click farms just get your game out of the shadow of the other thousands of apps enough to players can actually find it and play it. Once REAL players start rating and playing it, the game will either sink or swim based on its popularity, only then will it make some money, otherwise it will not. Creating games takes a lot of time and money. Comment by rednib from reddit ● Raw Leak’s Instagram : 👌 Amazon Best Selling Products ➜ 👌 Amazon Top Rated Army Gear ➜ 🔥 Raw Leak’s Gaming ➜ 👍 Raw Leak’s Facebook ➜ 👉 Raw Leak’s Official Discord Server : ✋ About the video / Community guidelines ✋ This footage is NOT intended to be violent or glorify violence in any way. We are sharing this footage STRICTLY for the purposes of news reporting and educating. We strive to show people the videos that has been left out of the main-stream media. © For copyright issues e-mail ➜ [email protected] or P.M.